Google Analytics

Alternative Dashboard

No more sweat! View your GA4 website metrics in a simple format.

It's time to embrace Google Analytics

Frustrated with Google Analytics? So am I and that's why I built GAClient, a simple, elegant alternative to view your Google Analytics metrics.

With GAClient you can view all your important metrics in a nice readable format. A simple and beautiful crafted chart looks good in your metrics.

Why do you need GAClient?

Honestly, You don't need a Google Analytics Client to view your metrics but it's a one of the simple way to view. We all know that how Google Analytics dashboard looks like. It has all the features we need but bit more. We don't need all the features all the time.

You can also generate a custom report for your need but that's required in-depth knowledge. And most of the time you only need to see the page view and where your visit comes from. And for that, you can use GAClient.


GAClient backs with many features that are easy to use and UI friendly.